dimanche 22 janvier 2012

Asking good questions

Asking good questions is key for any system thinker to adress his paradigms or managerial and systems paradigms. It's a way to adress the conventional way we 've to do project, to create, to innovate, to solve problems or to improve a system.  We don't learn by receiving advices, directives, but we learn by looking for the answers...We don't learn though questions that confirm opinions, beliefs but we learn from questions that let us experiment.  We don't learn by Command and Control questions as "have you think that...?...

It requires for many of us  not only skills and methods but also practices...
From questions about tasks  to questions that lead us to understand the whole (as purpose, measure and methods,...), some framework should help. 

Even if the last 10 years, I've learned to ask questions.  I don't know much about asking good questions.  I feel that asking good questions requires more than good questions...and it will take a long time to master. 

A link from HRB : http://blogs.hbr.org/ashkenas/2011/08/the-art-of-asking-questions.html

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  1. Comments very interesting. Learning to ask questions is an art necessary to change the thinking of managers ... Eric thank you for sharing. Marc


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