mercredi 7 mars 2012

Looking for profound knowledge purpose at work : a great, heuristic and impossible job

In Drive, D. Pink explains how and why tasks can be divided in two categories. The two categories are :

"• Algorithmic – a task which follows a set of established instructions down a single pathway to one conclusion.
• Heuristic – a task that has no algorithm, you have to experiment with possibilities and devise a novel solution. “

When you are a leader, a project manager or a consultant , there’s no algorithm to successfully transform an Organization for better. Every organization is different. The approach depends namely, of the people, of the system and of the culture paradigms of the Organization.

So, you, we,... have a heuristic job.

You are learning the importance of System Theories, Theories of Knowledge, Theory of Variation and Psychology. Theory lead us to questions. . . Without the right questions, the result of your experiments teach nothing. Those teaching help you to develop new theory to improve. The use of theory promote your learning. So you reinvent your leadership/consulting approach as and as you advance, as often as necessary. Autonomously, you develop mastery to achieve your purpose (cf. Drive, Pink)

You’ve a long-term purpose. It can change but not every day. You continuously keep an open mind to distinguish the different potential ways leading to it.

Your motivation comes from within. You are intrinsically motivated. It's a great job.

In itself, this is a hard and an exciting job but simply to engage with sincerity, honesty and integrity is not a guarantee of success. The journey to understand a System of Profound Knowledge and be able to implement or help others is long, very long. Even the journey is long, perhaps a never ended journey, I’ve not found a better purpose acting  as leader, consultant or collaborator for a company.

We will never find the best, the ideal system but we will find a better than yesterday...

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