mercredi 18 avril 2012

When do we learn new knowledge ?

When have we learned the last years ? When we detect an error from an action or when our action give the desired result.

The error is for us the difference between our intention and the result once the action taken. If by the action, we find that our plan does not give the desired result (our intention), we are looking for new theories that will enable us to achieve a better result.

Our action is guided by theory and not by experience (see Deming). We believe those theory will bring the desired result ...based on new knowledge gained. We take actions. We evaluate/measure our action with respect to intent. The knowledge became conscious because we’re able to achieve what we claim to know. Paradoxally, by starting to learn, we become more and more conscious of our lack of knowledge. PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act)” is a never ending cycle...

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  1. Odette Sangaré19 avril 2012 à 02:37

    I agree with your analysis, Eric. The more you learn the more you understand you do not know enough, and that you should carry on learning more and more to improve.
    I would add that the sooner you understand improvement is an asymptote (you never reach the goal, you can only get closer and closer), the best you feel. 100% is not a realistic goal, getting closer should be the target.


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