vendredi 1 mars 2013

Beyond Connecting the Dots

This morning, I’ve received the following message of Gene Bellinger to support his project “Beyond Connecting the Dots”.  To follow his work for several years, he contributes generously to the development of System Thinking

He’s hosting Systems Thinking World and developing He believes a systemic perspective provides the best foundation for creating effective approaches for dealing with challenges and shaping a better tomorrow. His purpose is to create content which furthers understanding of the value of a systemic perspective and enables thinking and acting systemically.


Scott Fortmann-Roe, developer of Insight Maker, and Gene Bellinger have launched a Kickstarter project to fund the development of an interactive Systems Thinking, Modeling and Simulation book. You can watch the demo video and review the project description at We would be most grateful for your support.

be well & thanks,

Gene Belling & Scott Fortmann-Roe »

If you want to learn from it, do not hesitate ... Personally, I would support the project.

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