vendredi 22 mars 2013

The first UN International Day of Happiness : Why should people do a good job ?

The 20Th March was the first UN International Day of Happiness by doing something at home, work, school or in your community to bring happiness to others.
Joy in work. Where does that appear first ? 
As mentioned by Henry R. Neave, in the Deming Dimension,  Deming was first prior 1988.  “It was seen only indirectly through the tamer language of “pride of workmanship, wich has been the subject of the 12Th of the 14 points  Yet, during 1988 and beyond, this is where Deming has started many of his presentations : Why are we here ? we are here to come alive, to have fun, to have joy in work” .
In a seminar in London, in 1988, Deming has formulated the quote : “The aim of management, management’s job, is to enable everybody to enjoy his work”.
To celebrate the date, I would like to come back on a question formulated by Henry Neaves : “Why should people do a good job instead of merely time-serving and getting away with the minimum they can ? “
H. Neaves suggested 3 reasons :
2.       Financial incentive or
3.       They want to  (see

Which is the most effective ?

Source : H. Neaves, The Deming Dimension, Chapter 13, 1990.

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